Psychosexual Therapy


Across our lifetimes almost all of us will experience some kind of difficulty or change when it comes to our sex lives. While we are culturally much more open about sex now, it can still feel like one of the most vulnerable and private aspects of our lives, and hard to seek help for when things go wrong.

What is Psychosexual Therapy?

Psychosexual Therapy explores the biological, psychological, and social aspects of sexual and intimate relationships. It addresses things such as:

  • Desire and arousal Issues
  • Difficulty talking about sex
  • Erectile difficulties and rapid ejaculation
  • Sexual trauma and abuse
  • Vaginismus and vulval pain conditions
  • Sexual orientation and identity issues
  • Pornography issues
  • Compulsive sexual behaviours

How Does Psychosexual Therapy Work?

In many ways, it’s like any other therapy. It’s about you as a whole person and not just the specific issue you are seeking help with.

Firstly there will be an assessment which will encompass all aspects of your life, helping to get a clear understanding what your needs are. Then a treatment plan will be made which often involves exercises to be done at home. There will also be a discussion about whether you will need to have any medical investigations prior to the therapy.

Over the course of the therapy you will explore your sexuality, how you have formed your ideas about sex and intimacy, and investigate how your body and mind work together.