Individual Psychotherapy
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I am a qualified Psychotherapist working with individuals, couples and groups.

Therapy is a collaborative process, using creativity, challenge and insight to see yourself from different perspectives; exploring how you have become the person you are and helping to feel clearer about the places you want to go. I aim to provide warm, non judgmental support to work through whatever emotional difficulties you are facing.

What kind of therapy do I need?

Therapy is increasingly commonplace these days with many people recognising the value of taking care of their mental health and finding more support when needed. Now we have the vast choice of what kind of therapy to go for, and where to get it from.

I believe there are very useful tools from all of the different types of therapy on offer. Sometimes it might feel right to adopt the more practical approach of targeting unhelpful thinking (more along the lines of CBT), and at others, a much slower, deeper kind of work is required. It really depends on how you like working, and what you are bringing. 

All of the most common types of therapy on offer (Psychodynamic, CBT, Systemic, Integrative, Humanistic etc) are supported by evidence with an ever growing research base. Research shows that the most positive outcome for therapy depends on the quality of relationship between the therapist and the client, over and above what type of therapy is offered. 

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